Missouri FarmHouse Foundation

The Missouri FarmHouse Foundation supports the housing and scholarship programs of the Missouri FarmHouse.

From the Foundation’s by-laws; The purpose of the Missouri FarmHouse Foundation is to receive and maintain a fund or funds and to administer and apply income and principal thereof for educational, charitable, literary or scientific purposes. All members are urged to support the Foundation through new tax-deductible contributions. As the foundation grows so will its ability to be of greater service to the students it benefits.

The Foundation currently manages 12 funds, and the University of Missouri administers three additional funds that directly benefit active FarmHouse men. Please go to our contribution page and consider supporting one or more of the funds.

Foundation life membership is $100. Please join and encourage your brothers to join via the attached contribution form.

Missouri FarmHouse Foundation is classified as a nonprofit publicly supported organization described in Section 170 (b) (1) (1) (VI) and 509 (a) (2) and is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (a) (2) of the United States Revenue Code. As a Publicly supported organization, Missouri FarmHouse Foundation accepts and actively seeks tax deductible gifts from individuals and other donors.